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With our experience in the world of office furnishings and free to be able to think about the quality needed to optimize performance also in the store furnishings sector, starting in the 1990s our role has become increasingly key.

Being able to offer simultaneously a high level of customization and the security of industrial mass production, we have specialized in the creation of furnishing formats for the retail sector (stores, points-of-sale, etc.). We have fitted out thousands of stores selling merchandise or services for major franchising chains or private individuals.

The store. A unique environment.

Furnishing a store with style while retaining a sense of practicality means creating a unique and welcoming environment that can boost the business’s earnings.

We are champions of the concept of experiencing a space that goes beyond mere functionality to extend into the exploration of the sensory, emotional and expressive qualities of the merchandise and its material nature.

In conceiving a store or corner shop, our professionals always take into consideration a series of indispensable factors depending on the type of project to be created:

  • when the point-of-sale interprets corporate values, it becomes product-style
  • a flexible compact store is able to guarantee strong recognition and memorization
  • a concept store evokes the passage and characteristics of its products
  • a chameleon-like space on-show becomes a meeting place
  • futuristic settings delineate the space using flexible, high-tech and welcoming solutions

When creativity plants its roots in solid expertise and new technologies, the space becomes an identifying mark. It is here that harmony and practicality create new scenarios.

Our work never loses focus on the practical aspect. All elements are developed to enclose within the available space all the functions required in a setting that offers charm and extreme comfort and convenience.

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Do you need to also design internal spaces? Do construction or electrical or plumbing work? Thanks to our network of architects and professionals we can meet all your needs, freeing you from having to oversee the work of numerous outside contractors.

Do you want to create a distinctive environment that is professional and welcoming?

Please contact us for any further information you might require, to set an appointment to get to know each other or even just learn how we can help you develop the furnishings for your office or store.