Office contract

Office contract
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Office design. Everything you need in a single company.

Designing office interiors has led us to realize that the profitability of any activity is increasingly tied to the profitability and performance of its human resources. For this reason, for many years, Sacea has depended on highly-qualified professionals to work alongside clients in all phases of the project to “custom fit” it to their specific requirements, from the choice of which furnishings to install to turnkey installation, if requested. The proposals of Sacea make it possible to organize individual and group areas so that they flow well, making the environment multi-functional and comfortable.

Meticulous planning of the office space and attention to detail make it possible to create unique environments that transmit the style and values of the client brand from any vantage point. A quality that is also seen in the possibility of customizing products in a fully-personalized way.

Despite all the attention and continuous updating to include state-of-the-art technologies, Sacea the entire production process necessarily includes the traditional artisan approach in which hand and mind come together to shape the materials of which the products are made. For us, wood is not just a material, it is an essence, a scent that is part of the brand identity, more than the physical shape of its products.

In creating our furnishings, as well as the “turnkey” solutions for each project, what is important to us is avoiding any aspect that gives the idea of mass production. Design and realization are still things which have to do with complete customization, with the identity of a brand, with the needs of people and individual well-being.

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